Can a person's body be taken over by a spirit?

A spirit can influence or take over a human body to differing degrees.  Sometimes a spiritual medium will invite the spirit to take over her body for a particular purpose. In these cases, it is voluntary, and is not considered "spirit possession."


Transshadowing occurs when a spirit merely penetrates the energy field around a body. In those cases, we may perceive a hazy image of the spirit superimposed upon the person. Transfiguration occurs when the spirit penetrates the body itself, altering the body's shape and appearance to match its own. Unlike transshadowing which causes little or no discomfort, transfiguration involves a high level of discomfort, even pain, and requires a certain amount of self-discipline for the medium to stay in control. Transshadowing can feel as though one is wearing a mask of energy and can happen fairly quickly, even within seconds, with the spirit departing just as quickly. Transfiguration tends to take longer, even up to a minute, and when the spirit leaves, he does so with great care so as not to injure the physical body through psychic shock. Transshadowing and transfiguration are not very common. When they do happen, it's for a special purpose, for example, to give a demonstration. 

Spirit possession, on the other hand, occurs without a person's consent.  Spirits who possess a human are usually merely troubled mindset spirits who do not have sufficient strength to either transshadow or transfigure. The spirit who possesses a person doesn't actually enter into that person's energy field but is able to control his behaviour or thinking pattern from outside. 



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